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Your choice for malpractice insurance.

OMS Preferred is a proud part of the MedPro Group family of companies. The doctors that founded MedPro, back in 1899, believed those who protect others should be protected themselves. And that mission is still alive today.


We’ve spent decades building our reputation as the industry's most reliable and trusted carrier, and we make every decision with our customers in mind. That’s why we offer a malpractice policy exclusively designed for the unique needs of oral and maxillofacial surgeons.


We’re proud to offer OMS the nation’s leading coverage — backed by 120+ years of experience, Berkshire Hathaway ownership, and an A++ rating from A.M. Best. Our affinity partnership with ACOMS also allows us to better support your profession. Even better news? ACOMS members receive an exclusive discount on their policy premium.


We think everyone deserves a choice when it comes to the protection of their good name. We hope to be yours.

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Claims Expertise

Winning a malpractice case often requires resources outside of the OMS profession. That’s why we defend you using 120+ years of claims experience across healthcare, the nation’s leading defense counsel, and over 7,000 of the best expert witnesses.


If your company only insures OMS, they may not have the breadth of resources and insights to best defend your case. Being covered by a company with experience across professions can be the deciding factor in a malpractice lawsuit — and we have the winning record to prove it. We close 80% of claims without payment and hold a 95% trial win rate.

Claims Expetise

Curious what an OMS malpractice trial might look like? Watch this mock trial to learn more.

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