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Twelve Strategies for Improving Communication and Patient Care

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Risk Tips for Oral Surgeons

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Collaborating With Staff to Improve

Patient Safety, Adherence, and Satisfaction

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Transfer of Patient Records When Selling or Closing a Healthcare Practice

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Communicating Effectively With Patients Who Have Limited English Proficiency

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Managing Nonadherent and Difficult Patients

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Managing Negative Online Reviews From Patients

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Addressing Parent Accountability with Pediatric Patients

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Addressing Risks Associated With Telehealth

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Every OMS needs a strong informed consent process. Informed consent is often misunderstood as a legal form that has to be completed before you can provide care. In actuality, it’s an educational process meant to ensure that patients have enough information to decide on the proposed treatment options.

We've provided the following forms for your convenience:

Anesthesia >

Apicoectomy >

Biopsy >

Exposure of Teeth >

Implant Placement >

Oral Surgery (General) >

Orthognathic Surgery >

Informed Consent


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Malpractice Minute

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“You should too!” Robert A. Strauss, DDS, MD

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